My Coaching Story

Supportive. Practical. Enthusiastic.

Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm an award-winning relationship and intimacy coach and I love working with couples on addressing the things that are getting in the way of pleasure, connection, and empowered eroticism. I completed my graduate work in Philosophy and my coaching ethos is around the Greek concept of entelechy: the realization of potential. So many of my clients come to me feeling like they're in a rut in their relationship--feeling disconnected, not understanding each other, stumbling over each other's triggers, and wishing they had a guide to shine the light on what's working in the relationship, and a map to navigate the areas that aren't working. I'm here to help! I've done hundreds of hours of training in various modalities including hypnosis, motivational interviewing, empowered sexuality, and I operate through a trauma-informed lens (although I do not work directly with clients on trauma healing--I encourage folks to see a therapist for that work!)