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Ashley's coaching and guidance truly helped me discover myself both in and outside of the bedroom by helping me figure out my likes and dislikes while also teaching me how to express those things to my partner. Ashley is really good at helping others decipher and understand their feelings. After going through her program, I was equipped with the tools I needed to lead the charge on having an open relationship with my ex. Our ability to trust each other, communicate, and enjoy each other led to him one day saying "Wow. HOW?" And I laughed and said "thank Ashley."

Alice M.

Coaching with Ashley literally changed my life. I ended an unsatisfying marriage and created space to meet the love of my life. Thanks to my work with Ashley, I am able to notice when my outdated patterns are getting in the way of being present with my partner. I share more openly and feel more compassionate toward my partner than I ever have before.

Riley J.

It is not an exaggeration to say that my relationship would not have survived the Covid quarantine without our sessions with Ashley. She helped us navigate through issues large and small, from resentment over household chores to managing disparate libidos. Our weekly sessions with Ashley help us stay grounded and present with each other.

Payton H.

Working with Ashley has helped me release so much of the shame I had been feeling about my body and my desires. I grew up feeling so uncomfortable in my skin--looking in the mirror and only seeing my flaws. I felt so self-conscious being naked in front of my boyfriend. Ashley helped me release that shame and learn to love and embrace my body exactly the way it is. I am worthy!

Jenna P.


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